Sunday, May 15, 2016

First Blog Post and Blog Name

Hi! This is my first blog post ever! I wanted to start by writing about why I named this blog Prism of Style. The style part comes from what I want to blog about and what I love-fashion, art, design, and crafts. I decided to use the word "prism" because my style is eclectic-I like a lot of different styles (to name some, 1960s mod, feminine, girly, kawaii, edgy, kitschy, modern, and styles of different cultures, like Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and Indian). There are also other trends and styles I don't like. I don't like something just because it's trendy, even though I did more so when I was younger. I only like trends and styles that appeal to me. So I think of the word "prism" as describing a spectrum-in my case, a spectrum of style. Also, I relate the word "prism" to the rainbow because a prism creates a rainbow in the light, and my style is colorful and vibrant. I love rainbow inspired style, and I like bright colors.

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