Sunday, December 11, 2016

Retail Marketing: Macy's Holiday Display

Hi! This blog post is for an assignment for the Fashion Industry Essentials online certificate program I'm taking through Parsons School of Design and Teen Vogue. The assignment is to go to a store to look for an engaging display and write a blog post about why it works. I looked in a lot of stores for this assignment, and the display I thought was the most compelling was one I saw in Macy's.

One reason I think this display is compelling is its placement. It is in the center of the walkway right near one of the store entrances, so it's probably the first thing most shoppers look at when they come in the store through this entrance. Another reason I think this display works is that it has a unified festive appearance for the holidays. All three outfits have red in them and are for colder weather. Also, there are red ornaments hanging and a red striped backdrop. These features work together to catch the eye and create a welcoming environment for customers so they'll feel excited for the holidays and want to shop.

Another reason I think this display is engaging is that it follows the visual merchandising rule of three because it has three mannequins. The rule of three is that arranging products in a group of three keeps the customer's eyes moving so that customers continue to look around, ultimately increasing sales. I also think this display works because it has color (the red in the outfits, ornaments, and backdrop),  patterns (the buffalo check shirt and the stripes in the other two outfits and backdrop), and shine in the ornaments. The color, patterns, and shine give interest to the display, which engages customers so they'll want to look around the store.

It was good to learn about visual merchandising through this assignment. Visual merchandising is important because it impacts sales, and I think it is a fun way to make stores appealing to shoppers.

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